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Worldwide Virtual Event | March 15th - April 11th, 2021
Worldwide Virtual Event March 15th - April 11th, 2021

Chainlink Hackathon Spring 2021

Build the next generation of smart contracts
Bring your smart contract app to life
Win prizes from top web3 projects
Join the community for mentorship and support

Harness the power of off-chain data

Build and showcase any innovative DeFi, NFT, Gaming, or universally connected dApp you can imagine using the industry's leading oracle network.

Win $125k+ in Hackathon prize bounties

If you're new to smart contract development, you can also enter to win a course from Dapp University. Each valid submission wins a prize.

Grand PRize


Defi Prize


NFT & Gaming Prize


OPEN Prize




GovTech Prize

Sponsor prizes




Course from
 Dapp university

Be inspired by industry leaders

Your project will be judged by the best in the blockchain industry.
Photo of Sergey Nazarov
Sergey Nazarov
Photo of Emin Gün Sirer
Emin Gün Sirer
Founder & CEO
Photo of Stani Kulechov
Stani Kulechov
Co-Founder & CEO
Photo of Anatoly Yakovenko
Anatoly Yakovenko
Mayor Hillary Shieve
Mayor Hillary Schieve
Reno, Nevada
Photo of Austin Griffith
Austin Griffith

Ethereum Foundation
Photo of Daniel Goldman
Daniel Goldman
Software Engineer
Offchain Labs
Photo of Tegan Kline
Tegan Kline
Business Dev. and GRT Relations
The Graph
Photo of Brantly Millegan
Brantly Millegan
Director of Operations
Ethereum Name Service
Photo of Gregory McCubbin
Gregory McCubbin
Dapp University
Photo of Priyanka Desai
Priyanka Desai
VP of Operations
Photo of Ben Hauser
Ben Hauser
Lead Developer
Photo of Sota Watanabe
Sota Watanabe
Plasm Network
Photo of Katie Lyon Butler
Katie (Lyon) Butler
Director of Marketing
Moonbeam Network
Photo of Arjun Kalsy
Arjun Kalsy
VP of Growth
Photo of Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar
Photo of Bryan Chen
Bryan Chen
Co-Founder & CTO

Photto of Valtencir Mendes
Valtencir Mendes
Senior Programme Lead
Photo of Jonathas De Mello
Jonathas De Mello
Knowledge Manager
United Nations
Photo of Christina Lomazzo
Christina Lomazzo
Blockchain Lead
Photo of Mehran Hydary
Mehran Hydary
Product Manager, Blockchain
E.G. Galano headshot
E.G. Galano
Head of Engineering & Co-Founder
Photo of Bruno Skvorc
Bruno Skvorc
Technical Educator
Web 3.0 Foundation/Polkadot
Photo of Markus Waas
Markus Waas
Blockchain Engineer
Injective Protocol
Clayton Lowery headshot
Clayton Lowery
Product & Consulting Manager
Armanino LLP

Build with these market-leading protocols & organizations

We’ve joined forces with some of the most powerful web3 technologies, so you can experiment with Chainlink's blockchain-agnostic oracle network across environments and projects.
Aave logo
Synthetix logo
Polygon logo
The Graph logo
Solana logo
Polkadot logo
Avalanche logo
Truffle logo
Consensys logo
Moonbeam logo
OpenLaw logo
Ethereum Name Service logo
Dapp University logo
Offchain Labs logo
Brownie logo

March 15 – April 11

For three weeks straight, you'll have the opportunity to build, connect, and celebrate with developers across the Chainlink ecosystem.


  • 06:00 pm est
    Hackathon Opening Ceremony
  • 07:30 pm est
    Teamfinding event @ Gather


  • 07:30 Am est
    Teambuilding Event & Gather (Encore)
  • 08:30 Am est
    Intro to Solidity & Blockchain
  • 10:00 Am est
    Scaling your Dapps using Polygon
  • 12:00 Pm est
    IPFS workshop
  • 01:00 Pm est
    Scaffold-ETH with Austin
  • 02:00 Pm est
    Solana workshop
  • 04:30 Pm est
    Everything Chainlink

march 17

  • 08:30 Am est
    DeFi & Brownie
  • 11:00 Am est
    Chainlink Oracles on Polkadot's Future Parachain Plasm
  • 12:30 Pm est
    Build with The Graph and Chainlink
  • 02:00 Pm est
    Why your dapp needs ENS
  • 04:30 pm est
    DeFi, Truffle, and Hardhat


  • 08:30 Am est
    Dynamic NFTs
  • 10:00 Am est
    Aave 101 for Developers
  • 12:00 Pm est
    Hunting for bugs with Scribble and Fuzzing - ConsenSys workshop
  • 03:00 Pm est
    Building on Acala's Polkadot DeFi Hub
  • 04:30 Pm est
    Testing and Multi-Chains

march 19

  • 08:30 Am est
    Local Chainlink Node
  • 12:00 Pm est
    Panel on Blockchain for Social Impact w/ UNESCO, UNICEF, and United Nations
  • 04:30 pm est
    External Adapters and Customization


  • 11:00 Am est
    Avalanche workshop
  • 01:00 Pm est
    Injective workshop

march 23

  • 10:00 Am est
    Moonbeam workshop
  • 11:00 Am est
    Synthetix workshop
  • 01:00 Pm est
    FIRP - the future of France 88mph workshop


  • 08:00 Am est
    Full Stack Defi dApp - Code-along
  • 11:00 Am est
    RSK Workshop


  • 04:30 pm est
    Midway check-in starts

march 30

  • 04:30 pm est
    Midway check-in due

April 11

  • 04:30 pm est
    Submissions due
  • 04:30 pm est
    Judging period starts


  • 04:00 pm est
    Closing ceremony & judging results

Hackathon Resources


Who can participate?
Anyone from anywhere in the world can participate. Read all Rules and Code of Conduct here.
How much does it cost to attend?
Nothing, the event is free.
How many people can be on a team?
1-5 people per team.
What if I've never been to a hackathon or worked with Chainlink before?
No worries! It’s helpful to have some software engineering experience, but it’s not a requirement. Projects also often need designers, front end engineers, project managers, and more. We will also have talks, workshops, and mentors to help you with your project. This is a great place to learn all things blockchain and smart contracts.
When can I start working on my project?
As soon as the hackathon opens. To keep the playing field fair, we don’t allow teams to begin building prior to the start of the hackathon. If your project is an upgrade to an existing project, please check with us beforehand.
How will this virtual event take place?
This event takes place 100% online.  The hackathon chat/support happens on Discord, workshops happen over Zoom and projects are submitted through Devpost.
What is Chainlink?
Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that provides secure and reliable inputs and outputs for complex smart contracts on any blockchain. Chainlink Price Data secures billions of dollars in value across top Defi projects.

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