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SmartCon 2023 // 2-3 October // Barcelona, Spain

Host a SmartCon watch party for your Chainlink community

SmartCon watch parties empower Web3 developers and enthusiasts from around the world to join their local communities for a virtual SmartCon 2023 experience.

Where Web3 Gets Real

SmartCon 2023 is the marquee Web3 event of the year. Hear from some of the biggest names in finance and technology, get front-row seats to discussions spanning every Web3 opportunity, and incubate the next breakthrough Web3 technology. This is where Web3 gets real.

Get Involved

Bring your local community together to explore the future of Web3,  exchange exciting ideas, and build new connections.

Code & Build

Start your journey building feature-rich smart contract applications that solve real-world problems.

Learn from the best

Gain insights into the latest industry developments from leading researchers, developers, and founders at the forefront of Web3 innovation.

Grow your career

Connect with like-minded peers and experienced industry professionals to expand your network and supercharge your Web3 career.

Find a watch party near you

Join your local Chainlink community to experience SmartCon by Chainlink with like-minded peers. These meetups are an opportunity to learn, share, and have fun.

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Frequently asked questions

For more queries and information, email us at

Who can host a SmartCon watch party?

Anyone who is interested in gathering together their local Chainlink or Web3 community can host a watch party. However, we recommend you join an existing watch party near you if one is already scheduled. Find a watch party near you.

Why host a SmartCon watch party?

SmartCon watch parties are a celebration of Web3 for Chainlink enthusiasts. Engage with local community members to explore exciting developments in blockchains, smart contracts, cross-chain interoperability, layer 2s, NFTs, DeFi, and much more. 

When can I host a SmartCon watch party?

Watch parties will be scheduled during the SmartCon live conference on October 2-3, 2023. If your time zone isn’t conducive to hosting a SmartCon watch party stream live, you can host a SmartCon watch party any time before October 8, 2023.

Will there be support available for those hosting a watch party?

Yes, watch parties around the world will receive support in every possible way. For more information, reach out to one of our regional leads or email us at

Is there a watch party agenda?

Every watch party organizer has total freedom to pick and choose the content/activities/agenda/schedule that best suits their local community.

What does a successful SmartCon watch party look like?

A successful watch party brings the local Chainlink community together to network, learn, share, and have fun exploring exciting developments taking place in Web3.