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Support for community
development of Chainlink

The Chainlink community grant program funds the creation of new smart contract applications that secure greater value across more markets.

Chainlink grant program

The Chainlink grant program deploys substantial resources toward the creation of critical developer tooling, the addition of high-quality data, and the launching of key services around the Chainlink Network.

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Community grants

Community grants seek to empower more and more Chainlink ecosystem teams who are building key tools and infrastructure that accelerate the development of universally connected smart contracts and secure oracle node infrastructure.

Integration grants

The Integration grants encourage projects and teams from all over the world to procure specific technological work and services from Chainlink.

Bug bounty program

Bug bounties support developers and security engineers who examine Chainlink’s core code and harden it against potential attack vectors now and in the future.

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Research program

Research grants fund researchers and academics who conduct and publish innovative research that advances the development of the Chainlink Network.

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Social impact grants

Social impact grants support nonprofits and organizations that are exploring how to use smart contracts and on-chain data to benefit emerging markets and contribute to the betterment of humanity.

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