What is a crypto faucet?

Blockchain mainnets such as Ethereum, Avalanche, and Polygon require gas fees to run smart contracts. Similarly, Chainlink’s decentralized computing platform requires LINK tokens to pay for oracle services. Testnets are networks that mirror the execution environments of blockchain mainnets, without providing the same security and decentralization guarantees.

Crypto testnet faucets provide smart contract developers with testnet tokens that enable them to deploy, test, and optimize their smart contracts on testnets—avoiding the need to pay costly gas fees.

No cost

Testnets are designed for all developers to use.

Blockchains and Chainlink

Get testnet tokens for blockchains and Chainlink.

Build, deploy, test, and optimize

Get your dApp dialed in before deploying on mainnet.

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How to get testnet ETH and other tokens

Choose faucet - thumbnail

Choose faucet

Choose one or multiple faucet(s) you want to receive testnet tokens from.

Connect your wallet - thumbnail

Connect your wallet

Connect a compatible wallet service, including MetaMask, WalletConnect, or Coinbase Wallet.

Get testnet tokens - thumbnail

Get testnet tokens

View the status of your transactions and see the tokens being sent and confirmed.

Request testnet tokens with our crypto faucet