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Chainlink Data Feeds help secure the smart contract ecosystem with decentralized data

Highly decentralized, reliable, and secure infrastructure

Chainlink Data Feeds are powered by networks of independent, highly reputable, and geographically distributed node operators to help ensure high reliability.

High-quality data sources that avoid manipulation

Data is sourced from multiple premium, authenticated APIs that are aggregated into a validated answer, removing any single point of failure.  

Prove your smart contracts' end-to-end security to users  

Sybil-resistant node operators run time-tested and security-audited software that’s been in operation for years, helping secure tens of billions of dollars.

Full transparency through blockchain immutability

Easily verifiable and immutable onchain data provides users with the ability to audit any Data Feed in real-time through multiple third-party interfaces. 

A well-maintained, accessible, and shared data resource

A constantly expanding open-source community builds and funds Chainlink Data Feeds, establishing long-term viability for your hybrid smart contracts.

Blockchain-agnostic to support smart contracts everywhere

As blockchain-agnostic infrastructure, Chainlink Data Feeds support any and all blockchain networks, updating at the native speed and cost of each chain.

Connect your smart contracts with high-quality Chainlink Data Feeds

Price and market data 

Premium financial market data for cryptocurrencies, commodities, forex, indices, and more, helping secure tens of billions of dollars for DeFi applications.

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Generalized off-chain data

A secure and reliable source of off-chain data for weather events, economic data, business financials, sports outcomes, and much more.

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Supported by the world’s leading data providers

Data Feeds power a wide variety of DeFi use cases

Lending and borrowing

Issue and settle loans, liquidate undercollateralized positions, trigger collateral swaps, and help protect against insolvency.

Mirrored assets

Generate mirrored versions of real-world and onchain assets using onchain collateral and Price Feeds as the reference point for minting and redemption.


Use financial market data to determine the collateralization of stablecoins, automate mint/burn operations, and trigger rebasing functions.

Asset management

Enable the automated management of capital pools and the marking of funds to market by referring to Price Feeds for rebalances.

Options and futures

Power advanced financial instruments and help ensure platform solvency by dynamically setting your funding rate and settling agreements. ​

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Chainlink Data Feeds ensure highly reliable market data


First, premium data providers aggregate raw price data from a multitude of centralized and decentralized exchanges, accounting for time, volume, and outliers.


Next, independent Chainlink nodes fetch market price data from various premium data providers and combine the results into an aggregated value.


Lastly, multiple Chainlink nodes aggregate their results together off-chain to generate a tamper-resistant oracle report, which is made available to smart contracts. 

Extensive monitoring of your smart contract data feeds

Numerous tools built with the help of the Chainlink ecosystem provide full visibility into data feeds and the teams participating in them.

Market.link DashboardChainlink Data Price Feeds

Need help with your own use case?

Connect your smart contracts to the outside world with generalized off-chain data

Parametric insurance

Aid communities in both developed and emerging regions through parametric insurance, immediately settled using Weather Data Feeds.

Dynamic sports NFTs

Generate dynamic NFTs that track the performance of individual players or teams using Sports Data Feeds and evolve over time accordingly.

Prediction markets

Empower users with the ability to predict the outcome of any sporting, weather, or political event across the globe with instant market settlement.

Predictive supply chain

Enable companies around the world to adjust their supply chains according to weather data to reduce friction, lower costs, and ensure predictability.

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Price and market feeds

Chainlink’s high-quality, tamper-proof Data Feeds provide access to critical and widely used datasets, such as cryptocurrency prices, commodity market data, and more.

Integrate Data Feeds
Node operators

Review the largest and highest-quality collection of independent and Sybil-resistant node operators, along with the data they provide and their performance metrics.

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Data providers

Directly connect to a data provider’s Chainlink node to build smart contract applications with unique data requirements, such as sports results, weather data, real estate prices, and more.

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Connect to any API

Connect your smart contract application to any API via Chainlink’s request and response model, facilitating interoperability between onchain and off-chain systems.

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