Monetize your data with Chainlink

Chainlink is the leading oracle solution for data providers to easily sell their existing data and APIs to smart contract applications on any blockchain.

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Access the rapidly growing blockchain economy

Chainlink’s oracle network enables you to easily connect your existing APIs to smart contract applications on any blockchain and capitalize on the demand for data in high-growth blockchain business sectors, such as decentralized finance, NFTs, insurance, gaming, and numerous other industries.

The benefits of using Chainlink

Unlock new revenue streams

Chainlink is the most widely used blockchain oracle for data monetization opportunities, offering a large and growing market of data-driven applications while minimizing development costs.

Sell to apps on any blockchain

Chainlink nodes are natively blockchain agnostic, creating a universal gateway for your business to sell data to applications on any blockchain network simultaneously.

Offer users hyper-reliable data

Chainlink nodes cryptographically sign every piece of data transferred between systems, providing onchain proof that your data came straight from the source.

Leverage proven infrastructure

Chainlink’s rigorously audited open-source software secures billions of dollars for in-production applications and has remained reliable in the face of outages, exploits, and other market anomalies.

Get started with Chainlink today


Contact us

We have a team of data product experts ready to help you get started with Chainlink.


Connect your API

Easily integrate your existing APIs into the Chainlink Network to feed your data onchain.


Earn revenue

Receive payments from smart contract applications that need your data.

Adopted by leading data providers

Leading data vendors in capital markets, decentralized finance, sports/esports, digital art and NFTs, news, and a multitude of other industries are using Chainlink oracles to launch new business lines.

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Behind the scenes with Chainlink data providers

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