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A global team of smart contract experts

Chainlink is supported by world-class developers, academics, and business experts who are building next-generation data infrastructure for smart contracts.

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Creating an economically fair world

Enabling a cryptographically enforced system of contracts will take both our daily lives and emerging markets into a new age of economic fairness, driven less by vague brand promises and more by the value that institutions and individuals actually provide.

Groundbreaking technology

The vision of Chainlink is to make the next generation of smart contracts come to life by allowing smart contracts on any blockchain to securely access any critical off-chain resource.

Globally recognized

Chainlink has been recognized by leading independent research firms, such as Gartner, and featured in many major publications such as MIT Technology Review, Forbes, and Coindesk.

Ecosystem momentum

Top-tier developers, academics, and entrepreneurs across the world are actively working to accelerate Chainlink adoption and expand the capabilities of smart contracts.

Who we are

We're a global community of developers, academics, and enterprise experts with deep experience in cryptography, decentralized systems, and smart contracts.

Build next-generation decentralized infrastructure


Ari Juels

Technical Advisor

Andrew Miller

Technical Advisor

Evan Cheng

Technical Advisor

Tom Gonser


Hudson Jameson

Technical Advisor

Brian Lio


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Chainlink greatly expands the capability of smart contracts by enabling access to real-world data, events, and payments and providing the security and reliability guarantees that are fundamental to blockchain technology.

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