The industry standard middleware for connecting enterprises to the blockchain economy

Chainlink is the only enterprise-grade oracle infrastructure that enables organizations to securely and easily connect their existing systems to all major blockchain networks.

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Use Chainlink as your blockchain abstraction layer

Securely connect existing systems to any private or public blockchain network and tap into the value of the smart contract economy.

New revenue streams

Generate revenue by operating critical smart contract infrastructure in the form of a Chainlink node, providing hybrid smart contracts access to a secure source of real-world data and off-chain computation.

Access to the blockchain economy

Chainlink enables enterprise systems to read data from and write data to smart contracts, helping businesses securely digitize existing workflows, mitigate counterparty risk, and reduce intermediary overhead.

Native blockchain interoperability

Eliminate blockchain silos by using Chainlink oracles for secure interoperability across different blockchains, reducing the friction of supporting multiple networks.

Future-proof integration gateway

Chainlink serves as future-proof middleware that enables enterprise backend systems to integrate support for any public or private blockchain network.

The fastest-growing network of enterprise oracle nodes

Chainlink offers the most time-tested oracle infrastructure for helping enterprise systems securely access the rapidly growing blockchain economy.

Enterprise blockchain use cases powered by Chainlink

Top enterprises leverage Chainlink

“Public network infrastructure provisioning has been a core business model of telco companies for decades. Providing critical Web3 infrastructure by running Chainlink oracle nodes has enabled new revenue streams and opened the door to Web3 opportunities.”

"LexisNexis is one of the most trusted Chainlink oracle nodes, operating as an ‘automated data transmission station’ supporting the Web3 ecosystem. Chainlinked smart contracts empower digital applications that require trusted decision-making.”

"As one of the largest ICT service providers in Switzerland, Swisscom continues to provide our customers with the best possible solutions for the future. Operating a Chainlink oracle node enables us to contribute to the rapidly growing Web3 economy by providing smart contracts with the external data they require."

“Launching our official Chainlink node begins a new era of AccuWeather supporting blockchain-based markets, opening up increasingly sophisticated and globally accessible applications, spanning weather-related insurance and more.”

Enterprise news

World Economic Forum and Chainlink Collaborate to Create a Blockchain Middleware Standard

The World Economic Forum and Chainlink co-authored a paper proposing the key problems to be solved by a global standard for blockchain middleware, seamlessly and securely connecting blockchains with existing systems.

Announcing the AWS Chainlink Quickstart

Data providers, enterprises, and DevOps can now rapidly launch a Chainlink node on AWS and begin providing their data services to any blockchain.

Associated Press Taps Chainlink for Elections, Sports Data

The Associated Press is making its trusted economic, sports, and race call datasets available to leading blockchains by launching a Chainlink node.

Operate a node

Provide oracle computation directly to smart contracts across any blockchain.

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Monetize your data by providing access to the fastest-growing developer ecosystem.

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