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Chainlink oracle networks power top blockchain gaming applications, helping provide dynamic and unpredictable gameplay experiences.

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How Chainlink supports Web3 gaming

Truly dynamic NFTs

Chainlink expands the design space of NFTs by enabling dynamic NFTs that react to offchain data or time/state changes.

Fairly distributed rewards 

Ensure rewards are distributed among users fairly based on randomness or predefined achievements, helping inspire a loyal community.

Provably random NFT mints

Easily mint provably random NFTs with staked tokens or gamify yield farming rewards with a tamper-proof source of randomness.

Unpredictable gaming experiences

Randomize gaming parameters from character distribution to map generation and much more to create truly unpredictable gameplay.

Unbiased game winner selection 

Chainlink helps enable provably fair lucky draws and DeFi gamification, increasing fairness and transparency. 

Build gaming applications across a multitude of use cases

Integrate Chainlink

Leading projects across Web3 gaming choose Chainlink

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“Chainlink VRF has proved itself as the standard for verifiable random number generation. As a result of this integration, players can traverse our extensive game ecosystem with confidence that our team is dedicated to creating a fun and fair environment for all.”

Jason Brink

President of Blockchain, Gala Games

“Chainlink VRF’s tamper-proof and verifiable random number generator gives us a transparent source of on-chain entropy to demonstrably show that our team cannot influence the distribution of NFTs, giving each user a fair chance to mint the most collectible monsters.”

Leif Eric Leiser

CEO and Co-Founder, Polychain Monsters

“Chainlink VRF was crucial for leveling the playing field in CyberKongz Play & Kollect. It gave us a simple, gas-efficient, and cost-efficient way to assign verifiably random NFT traits and events, while still bringing next-level transparency to our novel blockchain game.”


CMO, CyberKongz

“It’s a huge value-add knowing all Aavegotchis are summoned with Chainlink VRF. There’s nothing that comes close to Chainlink for ensuring a provably fair gaming experience on-chain.”

Jesse Johnson

Founder and  COO, Aavegotchi

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