Chainlink enables your smart contracts to reach their full potential.

Smart contracts need to interface with the data feeds, events, and widely accepted payment methods that centralized digital agreements rely on to provide value. By providing the building blocks needed by complex smart contracts in the form of critical inputs and key outputs, we seek to enable the next generation of smart contracts that will step beyond tokenization to become the dominant form of digital agreement.

Team & Advisors

Sergey Nazarov

Sergey NazarovCEO

Starting his career at FirstMark Capital, he left to join the cryptocurrency revolution in 2011. He firmly believes blockchain technology has the ability to change the way societies distribute wealth, enforce contracts, and share critical information.

Steve Ellis

Steve EllisCTO

Previously a software engineer and team lead at Pivotal Labs, where he worked on securing sensitive HIPAA compliant data and building scalable payments automation software. He's a big fan of Ethereum, Bitcoin and the decentralized future we're all building.

Dimitri Roche

Dimitri RocheSoftware Engineer

Dimitri was previously a software engineer at Pivotal Labs and McKinsey. Going on to lead engineering teams at large companies like infogroup. He's excited about the positive societal impact of smart contracts, through the fairness and transparency they create.

Alex Kwiatkowski

Alex KwiatkowskiSoftware Engineer

Alex is an experienced software engineer who previously worked at Pivotal Labs and Northpass, building secure and highly scalable enterprise software. He's excited about the positive impact that well made smart contracts will have on the world's global financial system.

John Barker

John BarkerSoftware Engineer

After an academic career studying the security of the Tor network, John went on to lead development teams that have built some of the largest big data processing systems, while also making open-source contributions to leading projects like the Rust programming language.

Dan Kochis

Dan KochisGlobal Head of BD & Partnerships

Dan has a long history of closing deals that help companies reach their next stage of growth globally. He was integral to Alibaba's first US acquisition, various worldwide strategic partnerships worth over $120MM in annual revenue, and corporate exits totaling over $4bn.

Adelyn Zhou

Adelyn ZhouDirector of Marketing

Adelyn is an experienced growth marketer, whose senior roles at her previous companies have led them to be acquired by industry leaders like Amazon. Adelyn is also an expert in Applied Artificial Intelligence, and believes smart contracts have a large contribution to make in that field.

Brendan Magauran

Brendan MagauranDirector of Operations

Brendan was previously the General Counsel at Alivia, a leading AI and Machine Learning Technology Company. His deep belief in the power of smart contracts led him to Chainlink.

Thomas Hodges

Thomas HodgesIntegration Engineer

Thomas is an experienced integration engineer, helping plan and manage large software deployments for enterprise customers. He is also a big fan of Chainlink, and the decentralized future we're all working towards.

Rory Piant

Rory PiantCommunity Manager

Rory is an experienced community manager, with a genuine passion for seeing worthwhile technologies like Chainlink get adopted by the larger smart contracts and cryptocurrency communities.

Andrew Miller

Andrew MillerTechnical Advisor

Andrew is a well known leader in decentralized consensus research and secure blockchain infrastructure. He's an associate professor of computer science at the University of Illinois and an advisor to both Zcash and Tezos.

Evan Cheng

Evan ChengTechnical Advisor

Evan is one of the creators of LLVM which generates the low level machine code running every Apple device, as well as much of Google, Nvidia, and Intel. He is currently Director of Engineering at Facebook.

Tom Gonser

Tom GonserAdvisor

Tom is the founder of DocuSign, the leading e-signature company that revolutionized digital contracts. He is a seasoned entrepreneur, executive and board member who has created billions of dollars in enterprise value.

Jake Brukhman

Jake BrukhmanAdvisor

Jake was previously the CTO at Triton Research, going on to launch CoinFund, one of the leading research groups focused on web 3.0 and blockchain-based infrastructure.

Brian Lio

Brian LioAdvisor

Brian is the CEO of Smith+Crown, a widely accepted leader in blockchain research. Providing in-depth analysis of both ongoing token sales and the larger evolution of decentralized technology over the past 2 years.