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Chainlink oracles power top NFT and gaming applications across the blockchain ecosystem, helping dApps provide users with dynamic and provably fair gameplay.

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Why Chainlink for NFTs and gaming?

Provably random NFT creation and distribution

Chainlink helps ensure that NFT minting, distribution, and trait assignment is carried out in a provably secure manner so users can verify that their unique digital assets are indeed rare and one-of-a-kind.

Unpredictable blockchain gaming experiences

Chainlink brings secure entropy to blockchain games to randomize in-game parameters ranging from character distribution to map generation and everything in between to create truly unpredictable gameplay.

Unbiased prize winner selection

Chainlink enables provably fair lucky draws and DeFi gamification. Easily mint random NFTs with staked DeFi tokens or gamify yield farming rewards with a tamper-proof source of randomness.

Fair loyalty reward allocation

Chainlink empowers projects to distribute verifiably random rewards and giveaways for event participants to drive marketing campaigns and keep existing customer segments engaged.

Trustless ordering processes

Chainlink facilitates fair participant selection for high-demand events. Randomly select users to participate in various events, onboard new DAO members, and break ties in a provably fair way that’s auditable by any user.

Tamper-proof governance decisions

Chainlink offers a tamper-proof source of on-chain randomness to enable an unlimited number of voting processes for satisfying DAOs’ governance needs around fair decision-making.

Build NFT and blockchain gaming applications across a multitude of use cases

No-loss prize pools can use Chainlink Automation to start and end game rounds. At the start of a round, user deposits are routed to a third-party yield source to generate interest. At the end of a round, Chainlink VRF is used to randomly select one depositor who wins all of the accumulated interest.
Use Chainlink Data Feeds to bring engaged customer lists and social media metadata on-chain, which can be cross-referenced by a smart contract to determine the most loyal customers. Chainlink VRF can then be used to randomly select a loyal customer to be rewarded with a brand's loyalty points or unique NFTs in a tamper-proof and unbiased manner.
Randomness is a key input to fair selection and order processes, particularly when demand exceeds availability. Projects can use Chainlink VRF to select or rank users in a fair and unbiased manner to participate in high-demand events such as the minting of rare NFTs or access to pre-alpha games.

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Leading projects across NFT and gaming ecosystem choose Chainlink


“We chose Chainlink VRF because it offered the best RNG technology for verifiably fair and tamper-proof randomness. The Chainlink Labs team also provides excellent support, ensuring our integration was a simple and straightforward process.”


“Integrating Chainlink VRF as an RNG was a game-changer for PoolTogether. It saved us significant engineering effort and provided us with a thoroughly researched source of randomness.”


“Chainlink VRF’s tamper-proof and verifiable random number generator gives us a transparent source of on-chain entropy to demonstrably show that our team cannot influence the distribution of NFTs, giving each user a fair chance to mint the most collectible monsters.”


“It’s a huge value-add knowing all Aavegotchis are summoned with Chainlink VRF. There’s nothing that comes close to Chainlink for ensuring a provably fair gaming experience on-chain.”

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