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Verifiable source of randomness for smart contract developers

Chainlink VRF provides cryptographically secure randomness for your blockchain-based gaming applications.

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Random number generation (RNG) for smart contracts

Build better games by leveraging random outcomes in your blockchain gaming application with Chainlink VRF.

Provide your users with a more trustworthy experience

Grow your gaming application’s player base by ensuring trustworthy and fair outcomes that are verifiable using cryptographic proofs.

Provably-fair and verifiable randomness

Protect your contract with tamper-proof randomness that cannot be manipulated by any user, node operator, or malicious actor.

The leading oracle solutions trusted by top projects

Join highly successful projects that have chosen Chainlink to secure hundreds of millions of dollars in applications.

Easily integrate verifiable randomness

Grow your game’s reach with Chainlink VRF, a purpose-built RNG for smart contracts

Random number generation (RNG) for smart contracts

  • Produce fair and unbiasable randomness for your game’s outcome

  • All random number results are verifiable before becoming available to consuming smart contracts

  • Oracles are unable to manipulate the generated result, the only thing they can do is not respond

Provide your users with a more trustworthy experience

  • Realize the full promise of your trust, but verify blockchain-based gaming applications

  • Provide users with cryptographic proof of your game’s integrity to faciliate a high level of trust

  • Broaden your user base by leveraging fair and unbiasable randomness for your game’s outcomes

Provably-fair and verifiable randomness

  • User-provided seeds are used as inputs to the RNG, which provides provably-fair randomness

  • Each random result is verified on-chain with cryptographic proofs

  • Malicious users, node operators, and smart contract admins cannot tamper with the resulting randomness

The leading oracle solutions trusted by top projects

  • Our mission is to enable your smart contracts to reach their full potential

  • Chainlink oracle networks power secure, reliable, and transparent price feeds for DeFi

  • Used to secure top projects like Synthetix, Aave, Nexus Mutual, Ampleforth, and more

Add Chainlink VRF to your smart contracts

Build provably secure gaming applications with Chainlink VRF

Fair outcomes for gaming

Create peace of mind for users of your lottery smart contract by proving winners are chosen using truly random data that is verifiable by anyone on-chain.

“Incorporating Chainlink’s VRF benefits PoolTogether by providing a more reliable and provably secure form of randomness in the selection of prize winners, which our users can trust.”

Leighton Cusack photo
Leighton Cusack
Co-Founder at PoolTogether

Trustworthy NFT distribution

Award rare non-fungible tokens (NFT) and determine crate contents for item sales in accordance with your supply schedule, and allow players to access auditable evidence that their NFT-backed assets are created with tamper-proof randomness.

“Chainlink VRF empowers us to enrich the Wild Cards experience using provably-fair randomness. We are leveraging this solution to expand our ecosystem and achieve our goal of contributing more towards worldwide animal conservation efforts.”

JonJon Clark photo
JonJon Clark
Co-Founder at WildCards

Highly engaging player experiences

Generate rich experiences with challenging and unpredictable scenarios and environments, and find the perfect mix between strategy and fun by using randomness to determine outcomes in PvP battles and other scenarios.

“With FaceGolf, we are very excited to be using Chainlink VRF to avoid exposing our future users to the unfair and malicious activity we experienced in the past. Provably fair scarcity is paramount in any collectible, so we are happy to be using a randomness solution that is both secure and on-chain.”

Nate Hart
Creator at ChainFaces

Insecure RNG solutions leave your game and users vulnerable to malicious attacks

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