Chainlink Developer Bootcamp

Smart Contract Developer Bootcamp 2021

Welcome to the Smart Contract Developer Bootcamp!

The first session discusses blockchain, smart contracts, Solidity, and Chainlink fundamentals. Session two focuses on using the Hardhat and Brownie development environments and using them to create smart contracts that use Chainlink. Once you've completed the first session, you can choose between two paths (Hardhat or Brownie) for the second one.


Which sessions do I need to complete?
Everyone needs to complete the first session (day 1). After that, you choose one of the two sessions on the second day. If you prefer JavaScript over Python, choose the Hardhat session, otherwise if you prefer Python, choose the Brownie session. If you aren’t sure, the Hardhat session will probably suit you more.
How can I get help or where can I ask questions?
The first place to go is the #developer-bootcamp channel in the Chainlink Discord, or if it's a general question on Chainlink then one of the channels in the technical section. If you have a specific error or issue, it can also be helpful to search the Chainlink Discord too to see if anyone else has discussed your issue. If you have an issue specific to Hardhat or Brownie that you can’t get past, it can also be helpful to create a post on Stackoverflow, with the correct tag (Hardhat or Brownie).
What should I do when I’ve completed the bootcamp?
Please fill out this feedback form, and please feel free to share your uploaded GitHub repository in the  #developer-bootcamp channel in the Chainlink Discord!

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