Do you have what it takes to be a Chainlink node operator?

Thank you to all the teams who participated. But while many put in strong performances, there can only be one winner of the Chainlink Oracle Olympics #1.


The Chainlink Oracle Olympics is a three-week competition that simulates the real-world conditions that Chainlink node operators face.

Your objective is for your Chainlink Node to achieve 24/7 uptime in the face of adverse network conditions.

The winner will receive the special opportunity to operate a node supporting in-production Chainlink Price Feeds, potentially helping to secure billions of dollars worth of value for the DeFi economy.

Winner of Oracle Olympics #1

Congratulations to the NorthWest Nodes team for having the best score and placing first in Oracle Olympics #1!

They put in an excellent performance and showcased their ability to work under pressure by ensuring their nodes reliably delivered data 24/7 and overcoming all challenges thrown at them.

The founding members of NorthWest Nodes are early followers of Chainlink who believe that running an oracle node is the best way to get involved with the community and support the network. Their network of highly performant DevOps services runs on global, triple-redundant, high-availability infrastructure featuring a 99.99% uptime guarantee for all mainnet services.

Inspired by the motto of “trading trust for truth” and the capabilities of the Chainlink Network, Northwest Nodes is committed to becoming a leading node operator helping enhance the security, reliability, and decentralization of the network.

As an Oracle Olympian and winner of the competition, NorthWest Nodes will now begin securing Chainlink Price Feeds on Ethereum.

Hear from previous winners

“Chainlink Oracle Olympics #0 was challenging and at times very intense, but it was also the best onboarding experience we have seen in our 25+ years in tech. Once you become a node operator, you belong to a global community of Chainlink experts.”

Thorsten Behrens

“Chainlink Oracle Olympics #0 was a very intense and valuable experience that significantly advanced our development as a Chainlink node operator—it’s the perfect opportunity for aspiring node operators to put their skills to the test.”

Rob Zimmermann

Contest information


Complete the application form in its entirety.

Submit only one application per team. No more than 4 people on a team.

30 teams will be selected. If your team is selected to participate you will be contacted via email with an invite to the private Slack Channel.


Your team will join a private Slack channel and attend weekly competition calls.

Your team's objective is to keep your Chainlink Node achieving 24/7 uptime while delivering reliable data throughout adverse network conditions during the three-week contest duration. 


The highest quality node operator who serves highly accurate data, keeps their node fully funded at all times, and maintains operational reliability will be selected as the winner!


Please read these rules carefully. Violations and failure to comply will result in immediate disqualification.
  1. You must fully complete the application in order to be considered for the contest. 30 teams will be selected. Each team is limited to one application only.
  2. There may be no more than four people on a team.
  3. You will need to join a private Slack channel and attend weekly competition calls.
  4. No member of a team can currently be running a node on any Chainlink Price Feed.
  5. You cannot use a third-party service to manage your node. They must be self-managed.
  6. Participants who fail to complete the weekly challenges or do not respond in time will be issued a strike. At the end of the competition, the node operator with the fewest strikes will be eligible to win.
  7. You can never have more than 10 testnet Rinkeby ETH in your node at any given time, or you will be automatically eliminated.
  8. If you run out of testnet Rinkeby ETH at any point, you will be automatically eliminated from the competition and will not be able to advance.


Who is this competition for?
The Chainlink Oracle Olympics is best suited for DevOps engineers, developers, and technically-inclined Chainlink enthusiasts who have experience operating blockchain nodes.
How long will this competition run for? 
Three weeks with at least one challenge per week. Challenges can and will be cascading.
How many people can be on a team?
There can be a maximum of four people on a team.
How many teams are allowed to participate?
30 teams.
Which network will the competition take place on? 
The Rinkeby ETH testnet.
How do I run a Chainlink testnet node?
If you are not familiar with spinning up a Chainlink testnet node, please read the following documentation here
What is expected of me in this competition?
You will need to join a private Slack channel and attend weekly competition calls. Additionally, you must have 24/7 coverage and operate your node during adverse network conditions, including during node upgrades and API downtime.
What does 24/7 coverage mean?
You will need to observe your node’s operation 24/7 and be available to quickly access and fix any issues that may arise. In addition, you are expected to report any downtime in the competition Slack channel.
What are some general best practices and tips?
This guide provides a set of security and operation best practices that node operators should follow at a minimum to enhance the security and reliability of their infrastructure.
Is prior node operator and development experience necessary?
No, but prior blockchain infrastructure experience or experience in running a hobby Chainlink node in the past will be very advantageous to get you up to speed quickly. Consider having at least one or two team members in your team with past experience.
How will I know if I have been accepted into the competition?
You will be contacted via email with an invite to the private Slack Channel.
Do I have to attend the weekly meetings?
You will not be eliminated if you miss a meeting. However, important information will be shared in these weekly meetings, which you will not have access to if you miss them. 
What happens if I am not selected for the competition?
There will be plenty of chances to join future competitions.
How will the winner be contacted?
Winners will be notified via the contact information they provided during the registration process. 

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