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Aavegotchi transformed from an open-source, community-owned NFT gaming protocol to an open-ended social space (Gotchiverse) where players can engage in a myriad of activities, such as farming, crafting, trading, and combat.

In this Tech Talk, dive deep into the importance of secure on-chain randomness in dApps, explore how Aavegotchi created the Gotchiverse with the help of Chainlink VRF, and learn how culture-based projects can bootstrap highly active and engaged communities.

Learning Objectives

Explore how advanced infrastructure drives creative NFT and metaverse use cases in Web3.
Learn why decentralized applications integrate Chainlink VRF as their preferred randomness source.
See how Chainlink VRF creates more engaging metaverse experiences by adding excitement to use cases like land distribution.


Coder Dan

Co-founder & CEO

Pixelcraft Studios, Aavegotchi

Jesse Johnson

Co-founder & COO

Pixelcraft Studios, Aavegotchi

Fedor Borovykh

Product Marketing Lead for VRF

Chainlink Labs

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